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Common Misconceptions Surrounding the Virtual Assistants

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Virtual Staffing services have been in existence for almost half a century now and still there are doubts and misconceptions which are hovering over the concept of virtual assistants. Most who have heard about the virtual assistants hardly know what these virtual assistants and what they are not. There are others who do not even know why they should hire a virtual staff.

For those who do not know what a virtual staff is, following are the general characteristics of the virtual assistants worldwide:

The traditional and old notion of an assistant stands firm here and will help you deduce the basic meaning of a virtual staff or assistant. Similar to a secretary who can take down notes from you, schedule your meetings, sort social routine, handle your clients in your absence, make emails and calls, etc. The virtual assistants (VA) also handle chores of similar nature and provide a helping hand to you and your business.

what does virtual staff do

Though, the present day assistants are far more technically sound and trained and are capable of handling multiple tasks. The notion of virtual assistants came into existence when the small and medium sized companies started coming up and they were looking for reducing their running cost without sacrificing on quantity and quality of work. Since then, the Virtual Assistants are dedicated at provided services which are of high quality and priced very less. There are tons of benefits accompanied with the hiring of VA.

Specifically a virtual assistant is needed when you want him/her to:

  1. Design a website or a blog.
  2. To manage your websites, blogs or any other service.
  3. Need a content writer who can write content for your blog and your website.
  4. Need some research to be done and a report to be compiled on the same.
  5. Create social media profiles or do promotion of social channels.
  6. Do on-page or off-page Search Engine Optimization for your blog.
  7. Create a sales funnel and do copy-writing.
  8. Advice on expanding your on-line or off-line business.
  9. Create link wheels or link pyramid or do any other specific task.
  10. Design graphics, fevicons, logos, animations, etc.

The above given works are most associated with the business associated with Internet, but there are VA for all sort and types of businesses. For instance, those associated with the notary business are capable of doing proper paper work, handle or consult the clients on phone, etc.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a very beneficial deal for you, as you gotta pay only for the time you want them to work for. If you do not like the work or have any other thing in mind, you can fire the virtual staff immediately.

Points to Ponder:

It’s very hard to get a VA who can act like a terminator for you and your business. Never expect that a single virtual staff can solve all your dilemmas. There are dedicated virtual assistants who provide different services like administrative works, technical assistants, data-entry level jobs, etc.

The benefits which accompany a VA are soon gonna help you realize that you should have gone for a VA much before this.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant From Virtual-Staffing?

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There are dilemmas at the time of hiring a virtual staff and thus, there is a need of making sure that the virtual staffing service you are going to opt for is able to provide you the best service and strive hard to meet the targets you set for the virtual staff you hire.

There can be other important factors which you should consider while signing up for a virtual staffing service like, the flexibility of the contract is of high value. There can be a case when you are not happy with the service or the virtual staff you hire, so you should always have an option to opt out and look for the next best option available. Similar dilemmas can refrain you from hiring and probably let you fall for a virtual staffing program which later comes up with hidden clauses or manipulative terms.

why hire a virtual assistant

Virtual Staffing has been able to provide a high quality and dedicated virtual staff to all its clients and so, far approximately 91 percent of the clients have successfully been retained and are still enjoying the benefits from our high-end virtual staff network.

There are several reasons why Virtual Staffing could easily provide the promised services to its clients and have been able to make the entire process of hiring and dissolving a hassle free affair.

Following are the reasons which has helped Virtual Staffing become one of industry’s favorite Virtual Staffing Service:

Pay for the Time and Satisfaction:

There are no extra hidden clauses or charges for the services provided by Virtual Staff. There won’t be any difference between your locally hired in-house guy and the virtual staff you hire with us. The virtual assistant that you hire is gonna do yours and just your work during his working hours. He will deliver you working hours and in those hours you can either ask them to do some research or can ask for some low-end repetitive work, it’s all up-to you. The amount you pay will remain intact whatever the nature of service you may avail. No extra charges.


No Overheads:

What can be more beneficial deal than that, having a full-time, similar to in-house employee and still not paying for any of the overhead costs which would have come with the locally hired staff. They work from a well furnished and well equipped place with all the things necessary to do the job. So, you would save heavily on the furniture, the electronic equipment and the electricity bills.


Less Training Time:

The usual training time with an in-house employee may stretch over a six months, but with a Virtual Assistant or VA, it’s not so. They have a wide experience of working on different projects and are usually specialize at one or the other works. Thus, a month’s training or perhaps no training will be required to make them ready for your job.

No Need to Hire a Management Staff Or Manage Your VA

If you have some experience of working with an in-house staff and then you must be knowing how difficult it is to manage a staff, you have to hover over their heads to make sure that they are active and are working. While this can be very frustrating, it can be a time-killer. So, the staff that you hire from Virtual Staffing does not bring these difficulties with them, they are disciplined, are familiar with the code-of-conduct and are bound by the strict managing team of ours. So, they work dedicatedly to secure their spot and kill the competition posed by other VA. This competitive spirit makes them over-deliver every time.

Thus, Virtual Staffing knows the importance of your precious time and it has finally worked out all the time-killer problems.

Moreover, Virtual Staffing gives you an option to take the expert advice and see to the fact that there are no more things which kill your time, we will be happy to come up with custom solutions to your problems.

2-Day Trial For Just $35

This is a real advantage for those in dilemma, there are companies which will force you into an agreement since the very first day, but with Virtual Staffing you get a paid 2-day trial for those who love to test-drive before purchasing the real service.

Moreover, the Virtual Staffing allows you to discontinue with the service after the very first month. No manipulative terms. We understand the value of your time and hard earned money.

For all further queries and information, visit FAQs.


Does My Business Need a Virtual Assistant?

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Virtual Assistants have been around for quite a while and they have revolutionized the entire working environment. The virtual staff hiring has become an important part of every business, whether a small home based businesses or an entrepreneurship venture. The virtual staffing thing has been so very much glamorized in the recent times with the release of some best selling novels like “Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris.

Often there are people who want to know whether there business model or work culture need a virtual assistant or not. Whether hiring such a person is safe or not? Whether this is safe or whether such virtual assistants can handle and understand the sensitivity of their work or client nature. These small questions when pile up can become a huge hurdle and thus, can restrain one from living a dream life, where you can release all your worries onto your first personal virtual assistant who can then do all the required works. A virtual assistant can do almost all sort of works, from very basic and repetitive tasks to all the complex works.

Those of you, who are living with a doubt can rest assured that if their work is any of the given below, then they can find a good virtual assistant and thus, live their Four Hour WorkWeek life.

Simple Works:

Those of you who think that your simple yet time consuming works are making your professional life burdensome and you often wish that you get some one to help you with these simple chores so as to save your precious time and efforts.

A virtual assistant can do all your repetitive works like data entry jobs, simple blog posting, content management, basic seo jobs, etc.

Moderate Natured Works:

Those of you who feel sick of reading your client queries and responding to them, sending newsletters, offer mails, doing content writing, blog commenting and other similar works, you can hire a virtual staff who can reduce your burden by handling all these works with ease. So, that you can stay fresh and concentrate on more productive works. Thus, your business expansion plans no longer lag due to your heavy work schedule.

Complex Jobs:

Finding a virtual staff who can do almost all the complex natured works like consulting you over SEO, create complex link wheels or link pyramids, create ad campaigns, do article marketing, doing legal paper work, assist you with client handling, copy-writing, etc.

The virtual staffs these days are available in a large variety and with flexible wages. Those of you are looking for a staff with basic expertise can get them at minimal price and those looking for the experts in a particular field can get a virtual staff at a higher wage.


Virtual Staff Management : Tips and Advice

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Most of you must have started either as a freelancer or as a single person working for establishing his/her business and thus, you had to put in a lot of working hours to survive. Probably your first few years must have gone working long-hours and spending a lot of time to establishing your name and a client or customer base. But, with time your client-base or the workload is bound to expand and will then become a difficult job to manage with just two hands.

The increased load might demand a helping hand and thus, you can either search for some local staff working in front of your eyes and from the very same place as you work from. You will then be able to keep and eye over the employee and take the requisite work from him or her. Also, if your city has strict labor laws or it is very expensive to hire an employee at your place, you can search for some good Virtual Staffing firm which can provide and manage your virtual staff. This virtual staff can literally perform any sort of work you expect from him, to writing emails to your client to managing your site or to do some other basic data entry jobs which frustrate you or consume your time.

This is a very comfortable state, as you do not have to pay for a rented office space or provide huge pay checks to the employee you hire and yet, all your works are being done with same efficiency and precision as you expected.

This sounds as a real fun, but most of you will often be ready with a complaint-list after your first month with the virtual staff. Some might say, they were not able to fetch the expected results or some complaint that their staff is too lazy. But, often the fault is not theirs, but yours. The virtual assistants are nothing, but an employee (similar to that of a locally hired one), who can be trained according to your needs and thus, provide you with regular assistance as per your requirements. The employee can be a skilled person at several tasks and for other works he can be trained.

This is where all of us fail to understand, a virtual assistant too needs time to learn new work or methods, time to adjust with the changed routine, thus, the first month should always be kept as the training period where you are always available to assist your employee.

It is right that you are not supposed to manage your virtual assistance and keep an eye on him or her, but it is a good practice to at least spend a month giving proper instructions, correcting his/her mistakes and instill the values in his way of working, so that after the first month he/she can handle your work in your absence as well.

Some key factors which are beneficial in getting the best out of your virtual staff are:

Management Tools

The ones who wish to manage their virtual employees can go for some good time management or project management solutions like Basecamp, CentralDesktop, etc. Initially you can purchase some very basic software and later upgrade to complex applications. This software can then help you to define the work goals and delivery deadlines, help you assess the efficiency and thus, keep a better track of your virtual staff.

Free Tools : Skype or Gtalk

For those of you, who do not want to invest in high-end Project Management Solutions, can go for some free softwares like Skype or Gtalk.
Skype is used all over the globe by employers to interact or manage overseas staff. This software can thus be used to keep track of the person’s active working hours (can be done by monitoring the ‘Away’ or ‘Ideal’ status), also immediate conversation is possible, even skype video and audio conversations are free of charge and very efficient.

File Sharing

There are times when you will have to either receive or send some file. This can be easily done using Skype and other file sharing softwares like Dropbox.
Using Dropbox you can sync the material you wish to share, this way you or your staff can anytime review the file and work accordingly. Unlike Skype, you do not need both the people to stay on line to transfer the file. In Syncing services like Dropbox, one person alone can sync it and then it can seen by the other person any time he/she comes on line.

Make Sure You Paying For the ‘Right Guy

Though the above mentioned things are very helpful in monitoring your virtual staff, but still as the person is not available besides you in person, thus you should stay focused on the quality of job rather than the working time. It doesn’t matter how long the staff is active or not, if in the end if he delivers the assigned work, then you feel elates as you are with the ‘Right Guy’.


Most of the time people are in search of a virtual staff who can work for some specific hours and thus, help them with the rigorous or less important chores.
Instead of hours, more focus should be laid on fetching high quality work with no directing body, the virtual employee should be able to deduce things on his own and work accordingly. Work deadlines can be set by the employer to keep up the efficiency, though these deadlines should be kept flexible according to the nature of work, time requirements, delays etc.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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Virtual Staff Versus Traditional Office Staff

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an individual business owner, a blogger, a webmaster, a freelancer, a successful business owner or may be a holiday freak. We are sure, you will always have some or the other work which sets all the constraints for you. You always seem unpleased and unsatisfied as this does wastage of your precious time, laborious work drain you and you are left with no energy  to exercise the most productive and creative faculty of yours. Moreover, the strange truth is, your real success and growth is dependent solely upon your creative self.

In short, you can see this as, you have to shed your unproductive workload to attain real growth in life. If you still stick to the more laborious and time consuming tasks, then the burden of these tasks will never let you exercise the most powerful assests of yours.

Thus, the laborious works should be left for those who enjoy doing it or who will never complain performing those scheduled and monotonous duties. The concept of hiring a Virtual Staff originated from this very concept, a virtual staff has always stood as a defence for those, who hate to miss a vacation with friends due to work load, who want to distinguish themselves from the laborious chaps, those who love comfort and freedom, who mark their creative works or experiments as their priority, who not just look forward to make a living, but to make it large before they settle down, its for those who love to reach the zenith in this life term.

Dilemma at Hiring a Virtual or Traditional Office Staff!!

If you would have ever thought of hiring anyone, I bet you would have gone through this dilemma. The problem is very simple, but the oscillating gravity of human mind gives rise to indecision which at times costs more than you expect it to. No doubt, the virtual staffing always have an edge over the existing office scenerio. Hiring an offshore staff not only saves a lot of money, but it also fuels your success and ambition.

Why Waste Money Over Management Staff

People often go hiring in local market as they believe that the person who sits in their office is under their surveillance and they can monitor him, cross question him or bug him whenever they wish to.

But, we believe – Whats the point at wasting resources and staff over someone who works for you, while a virtual assistant (V-S) will be ready to take all your targets and complete that work at his own responsibility. Why waste money over a stupid managing staff when the person you hire offshore is self-motivated to perform his/her duties with full efficiency.

Pay For What You Get

This is infact the key point which will move you in the favor of hiring a Virtual Staff, a V-S get paid for his active working hours, no matter how he takes out time or sacrifice over his health or family, it is not your headache, you pay only when the person work for a specific number of hours every week.

Why Miss Your Free Days

The work model, whether small or large has always been very time consuming and set limitations to one’s life. You are bound to learn the secret art of sacrificing sweet-things in order to finish your monotonous work. The work, may or may not give you happiness or pleasure, but it surely snatches the real freedom from you.

It’s high time now, enough of monotonous work, you should call it an off now and relax on a beach, enjoy the fine day, while your laborious works are being performed with same accuracy by your virtual staff.

Hiring a virtual staff is no less than claiming your lost freedom and spread your wings for a better and pleasing flight.